My – oh My – How the time does fly!

Lately my life has been one big blur (…and it ain’t because I’m running fast…)

Since Promise Land I’ve…

…Said good-bye to another school year

Last week of school
We walked to school every Friday…only missing the weeks when the kids were displaced by the fire. This is the last day of 1st grade ­čśŽ

…been to Alaska

The last time I saw this sign, I was 21, just graduated, and (just like a puppy) following a cute boy across the country. 16 years and three kids later…


Hello, 9200!

…Tortured myself with another Catoctin

Martha and me…before the torture!

…Spent many beautiful hours running in the woods

selfie - cabin
Mountain Cabin Run selfie. Wouldn’t be a 4th of July without it ­čÖé

…Won my first race (and blew a long training run in the process)!

rick's run
Horrible Pic, but FANTASTIC race! Well organized, great spirit. My competitive side got the best of me…I won the rock, but blew the run. Next time I’m getting in at least 35 miles!

…Set a new marathon PR (thanks to the gov’t shutdown)

Freedom's run
Sage (First female!) and I, post run. Love that this gal has been relocated to RVA, and hope for many more runs and races together in 2014!!


This week: ┬áMMTR. ┬áThis year’s goal race. ┬áDeserving of a whole special pre-race post. ┬áStay tuned!