#3 – Be Joyful

Because that’s what its all about, isn’t it?

–I take joy in every day, because it is such an awesome world.

–I take joy in my children, because every day they are growing bigger and more independent.  And, despite how much I sometime SUCK at motherhood, they still love me and think I know everything.   All too soon, they are going to be teenagers and figure out that I don’t know anything.

–I take joy in my husband, because after 11 years of marriage  (and three years of dating), he is still my best friend.

–I take joy in my family, because they are my foundation.

–I take joy in my friendships, because my gals have been through it all with me.

–I take joy in the run, because it is a celebration of nature and humanity.  It is my way of praising God’s creation.

Last Saturday, we got a babysitter and had a “date night” Saturday morning. Seven-ish mile trail run on the Buttermilk with the RRRC.  What a fantastic way to start of the weekend full of joy.

It’s one of the things I love most about Richmond — that you can have a trail like this, running through the woods and by the river, in the middle of the city.

Another reason to be joyful, my friends.

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