#2: Recover, Recharge, and Rest

I am chronically sleep-deprived.  I have not consistently had a decent night’s sleep in over six years.

There are three really good reasons for this, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

But….this mom needs a solid 8, and that’s just not happening anytime soon.  So, until I can be this:

I need to shift my strategy.  Enter resolution #2:  I will pay down my sleep deficit in 2012.  It’s not a choice, really.  Three weeks ago, I was laid low by a round of such profound fatigue, I called my doctor (I NEVER call my doctor…last time I saw her Emma was an only child).  She tested me for everything from lupus to anemia before concluding that the holidays done done me in….Duh.

I’m tired (pun intended) of feeling this way.  Because again, it takes away from the people I care about.  Its one of the reasons I’m not allowed to run right now.  So today, I parked my kids in front of the TV and I took a nap.  Awesome!!