I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.  If you want to get something done, start now.  But, since it is the beginning of January, I spent some time yesterday thinking about what lies ahead in the New Year.  ‘Case I’m slacking off a bit, and feeling L…A…Z…Y!

You’d have a hard time telling.  From afar, I’m (literally) running in all directions.  I’m on the exec board of our pre-school Parents’ Association.  Kindergarten room mother.  I volunteer in the community.  At home, my life is an endless repeat of bathing, dressing, cleaning, cooking, comforting, playing, cooking, disciplining, reading, cleaning, cooking, bathing, reading, bedtime.

And I run.  When I’m not on the injured reserve list (as I am now), I adore juggling speedwork, tempo runs, and the weekly long run.  I try to fit in enough swimming and cyling to pull off a triathlon or two each season.  I’m currently obsessed with trail and ultra running.

But I need to remind myself that spinning wheels do not equal forward progress.  That a facade of busyness can mask a core of laziness. And with that in mind, here follow my personal 2012 resolutions.

  1. Dispense with the unessential
  2. Recover, recharge, and rest
  3. Be joyful
  4. Be strong
  5. Embrace the mud
  6. Wander
  7. Get outside
  8. Go long
  9. Stretch it out
  10. Document the journey

I’ll touch on each of these in posts over the next few days.  It goes without saying that they all wrap around running & motherhood.  And the occasional glass of wine – because honestly – it pairs so well with life, don’t ya think?

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