Recovery – Week 3

Days Since Injury:  22


First full week back running.  Per my Physical Therapist’s recommendation, I limited my running to 3 easy miles, with at least a day of recovery after each.  While I was aware of my left achilles at points during each run, at no point did I feel pain (yay!!).  I continued my core work (2-3 times/wk), leg strengthening (same), and eccentric calf raises (1-2 times/day).  Spring break travels limited my ability to cross-train, and I have started to feel as if my cardio is suffering a bit.

Read on if you’d like all the details…

  • Monday – Ran 3 mi.,  easy pace.  I felt like I was running in slow motion, and aside from a few small hills, I kept to the flat course.  Average pace was about 7:45/mi.  Iced immediately afterwards for 10 minutes, then again after showering and breakfast.  In the afternoon, we took the girls to a local state park and did some easy hiking (about 2 miles).  I rested and iced as soon as we got home.  Minor swelling, but no pain.
  • Tuesday – No running.  Core exercises in the AM (abs) and PM (back).  Eccentric calf raises (3 x 15).
  • Wednesday – No running, no core.  Walked the National Mall and Smithsonian with the girls.  Jealous of all the runners, even on a cold, gray, and windy day.  I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I worked here!!
  • Thursday – Ran 3 mi., easy pace.  While there was no pain, I FELT my achilles more than earlier in the week.  I iced it right away when I got home, but it still swelled a bit.  Several more icing sessions, and it is back to normal.
  • Friday – Total Rest; No running, no core
  • Saturday – Core exercises
  • Sunday – Ran 3.5 miles.  Tried to keep HR under 160 bpm, which meant a 9:15 pace.  Eccentric calf raises immediately following run.  No pain during run, but felt stretched during the lower leg work. 

Plan for this week:

After meeting with my PT this morning, we decided that I’d up my cardio to 6 sessions per week, including three runs (3, 3, & 5 miles).  I did 45 minutes on the bike this morning, and will also add in the elliptical & pool.  I plan to do yoga 1-2 times, in addition to core & leg work.

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