Recovery – Week 5

Knock on wood – I think I am there!

No pain, no crepitus.  My left AT feels great….

Three runs last week – two 5 milers, and a 7 mile trail run.  It felt SO GOOD to be back on Buttermilk & North Bank….right where this mama belongs!

I’ve supplemented the running with 45-minute elliptical sessions.  Also did some monster side-lunges and leg work this week in an effort to build muscle.

The plan going forward is more of the same.  Conservative increases in mileage, strength work 2-3 times a week.  Yoga and elliptical/pre-core.  I plan to run the Carytown 10K this week as a final salute to fast running before hunkering down and focusing on endurance for the rest of the summer.  My JFK application went in the mail yesterday…if all goes as planned I will be running my first 50 this coming November.

Run on, mamas!

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