Putting the Universe Back Together

Yesterday was a rough day.

You know, one of those when nothing seems to be in its proper place.  The girls were picking on each other all day.  Jimmy and I were running in opposite directions, both of us with an insanely full schedule.  I forgot MagPie’s lunch – sent her to school while it sat in the fridge.  My allergies are back, with the delightful side-effect of Vertigo (which makes yoga so-much-fun).

I was in a funk from pre-school drop-off until dinner time.  I managed to gather everything needed for swim lessons, get the girls changed, and have dinner ready when Jimmy walked in the door at five.

Then I fled.


Tuesday nights are my “night off”.  One night a week, I get to clock out at 5 pm.  A normal, rational person would use this time to get a massage, have dinner with friends, or even go to the park to read a book.

I am not rational.

5:30 found me seeking a parking space in downtown Richmond, and sprinting to catch up with the Tuesday Night Running Group.  They alternate trails, hills, and speed work.  Yesterday was hills.  As I started the warm-up run, I held back from the general chit-chat.  I focused on my breathing.  I let go of all the tension and frustration that had defined the day.  And slowly, the Universe started to fall back into place.

While I often run in the city, my forays are limited to the manicured neighborhoods, historic avenues, and the beautiful parks  and trails that Richmond boasts.  Last night we ran the massive hills between MCV and Church Hill.  The skyline was our backdrop, the cobblestones and warped brick sidewalks were our trails.  I met some great folks and by the time it was over my patience with my children was restored.

When I returned home, it didn’t matter that they weren’t in bed.  They were happy to see me and I was thrilled to see them.

Just the way the Universe should be.

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